Tako Sakvarelidze

All of us born with a letter inside us

Series "Digital EYE"

The art project "Digital EYE" isn't just paintings, it's the union of the two worlds in which I live, the world of digital technology and the world of art. This is paintings with an augment reality (AR). I like to find the "bringing together incompatible", I like to experiment. As we all know from history experiments often become the norm.

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Most of the world's population is used to live in the paradigm of a certain postulate: you can deceive or be deceived, but the sky sees everything, and you will certainly be rewarded according to your deserts. And the name of this postulate is Religion. That picture of world exists thousand years on the believe level.

Now with high speed developing digital technology this scene becomes reality bit by bit. All-seeing Eye of XIX century that know about us more than we about ourself, valuates each your action: good or bad, and turns on accordingless algorithm for encourage or punish. Nothing goes unnoticed. The idea isn’t new. Consider, for example, the book "1984" by Orwell and book "We" by Zamyatin.

CCTV Cameras pictures in paintings are just one method of collect data. So this is just top of iceberg. Should we fall into pessimism? Does technology development lead to a point where people can no longer influence their own fate? Who decides what is good and what is bad? Is ethics possible in the digital world and what should it be? Answers for these and other philosophical questions aren't exist yet.

But it is already clear that technology is not a reflection of the world, but a way of managing reality. It all depends on how we will use it in practice, how authorities and expert research teams will behave. Modern technologies provide us with comfortable and secure life, but blur the boundaries of privacy.

The restriction of freedoms has always been the main problem of the civilization process. Civilization is always compromise, we get something and lose another. There is a revision of values in the new world under construction. There is still the opportunity to find a balance between confidentiality and the use data in the frame of public safety.

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